FERNANDO: Trudeau's Soft-On-Crime Agenda

LOCK EM’ UP & THROW AWAY THE KEY: Canada Must Reject Trudeau’s Extremist Soft-On-Crime Agenda And Start Throwing – And Keeping – More Criminals In Jail

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


There are many ways the Trudeau Liberals have shown their rabid contempt for Canadians.

Flooding the country with unchecked and unsustainable immigration.

Hiking our taxes.

Letting hostile foreign states subvert our democracy.

Leaving our nation almost defenseless as our military crumbles.

Pandering to anti-Semites who hate this country and hate everything Canada stands for.

Lying about the carbon tax, and then muzzling the Parliamentary Budget Officer to hide the truth from Canadians.

Borrowing massive amounts of money to further bloat the bureaucracy at our expense.

Giving away tens of billions of dollars in EV manufacturing subsidies.

On and on it goes.

But there’s one way that contempt has been made most manifest:

Imposing egregious soft-on-crime policies that put law-abiding Canadians at risk.

Consider the case of a recent viral video showing a man threatening people with a knife.

As noted by Joe Warmington, the alleged suspect has already been released!

“Toronto Police have charged a guy they say is the man in a viral video who allegedly swung a knife toward a man during a road rage incident in Scarborough Sunday.

And he’s already out on bail, even though he was charged with two counts of breaching previous court conditions.

You read it right. Catch and release!

While it remains to be seen whether police have properly identified the man in the video, it’s hard to run or hide when your face and licence plate are captured on video and shared around the world. When it comes to police catching a suspect who allegedly threatened somebeody with a knife, a picture is worth a thousand words, while a video often gives alleged wrongdoers 24 to 48 hours.

Then the court releases the suspect on $2,500 bail.”

This is a problem all across the country.

Look at what happened in B.C., where a man arrested for murdering Tori Dunn – in what appears to have been a random attack – had a long criminal record:

“Global News has learned the suspect was recently released from custody after an earlier arrest and had a lengthy and violent criminal history.

The suspect was sentenced to 31 days in jail and 24 months probation on March 28 for obstructing a peace officer and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose in Vancouver on Jan. 15.

He was then accused of two counts of robbery on April 25 and released from custody on $500 bail the next day.”

This is disgusting.

Nobody voted for this.

Nobody thought this is what we were getting.

Canadians must understand that this is extremism.

The Liberals – and a bunch of far-left judges – have completely broken the justice system to the point where sick and vicious criminals are just released over and over and over again to terrorize and kill innocent law-abiding people.

And the people who impose these disgusting soft-on-crime policies – Liberal/NDP politicians and far-left judges – are insulated from it.

They have security.

They live in secure neighbourhoods.

Thus, they are able to indulge in ‘luxury beliefs’.

They get to feel nice and compassionate by giving endless second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh… chances to deranged lunatics, all without paying any price in their own lives.

But the rest of us pay the price.

So, just like the extremist mass immigration experiment we are being subjected to, we are being treated like lab rats in an experiment where criminals get to roam free among the populace.

Unsurprisingly, that experiment is making life more and more dangerous for innocent law-abiding Canadians and causing more Canadians to lose their lives to criminals.

The Liberals and NDP know all of this. They have people who brief them on the crime numbers.

The judges know all of this.

They know they keep giving a slap on the wrist to scum, many with brains hollowed out by government ‘safe supply,’ who end up assaulting and murdering innocent people.

And so, the fact that – despite knowing all of this – they keep doing it, shows that they truly hate and despise the vast majority of Canadians.

What is the answer?

How can we find our way back from these policies?

How can we get back to common sense?

Well, the first thing is to internalize that the Notwithstanding Clause will probably need to be used over and over again once the Liberals are out of office.

The whole ‘justice’ system has been so infected with soft-on-crime thinking, that it will take many years to clear it out and get common-sense, tough-on-crime people in there.

Many Liberal appointees will stand in the way of efforts to keep scum in jail and will strike down tough-on-crime policy. So, in order to protect law-abiding Canadians and defeat the criminal sympathizers, the government will have to use the Notwithstanding Clause. They will also need to be very careful about who they appoint as judges, making sure to appoint tough-on-crime people who actually believe in the law, rather than appointing weak, soft-on-crime fools who are trying to show how ‘compassionate’ they can be.

We will also need to build more prisons. Canada has tens of thousands of dangerous criminals who should be in jail right now, who are instead free to roam the streets. Putting them in jail, and keeping them there for longer, will require the construction of new jails and prisons.

And most importantly, we need a total attitude shift. We must overcome the weakness-induced lure of using the justice system as a way to show ‘compassion,’ and instead be strong enough to realize that harshness is sometimes necessary. The justice system is really meant to physically separate deranged scum from the vast majority of people who are not deranged scum. We need to put more people in jail and keep them in jail much longer. It doesn’t sound ‘nice,’ but it’s the only way to actually be respectful to those who deserve respect – law-abiding Canadians and their families.

Of course, this return to common sense will never happen under the extremist Liberal-NDP government. Their hatred for the Canadian people will keep pushing them to make us less and less safe. And so, this is another reason why we need to take back our country, soon, before it’s too late.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a writer and campaign fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. Join the mailing list to receive his exclusive weekly columns in your inbox.

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