FERNANDO: Coming For Confederation Itself?

Not Satisfied Having Wrecked Most Of Canada’s Institutions, The Trudeau Liberals Are Intent On Wrecking Confederation Itself

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Let’s do a rundown of Canada’s institutions, and ask if they are more or less credible now than they were when Justin Trudeau first took power.

The Bank of Canada – Spent years enabling Justin Trudeau’s massive budget deficits, claimed ‘deflation’ was the real concern, downplayed inflation, claimed interest rates would be low for a long-time, and then had to backtrack and raise rates. A Canadian picked at random could have done better than the BoC.

The Supreme Court of Canada – Having been pushed even more in a far-left direction, the Supreme Court of Canada has made multiple rulings that make life easier for criminals while putting law-abiding Canadians in danger. 

The RCMP – Trudeau-appointee Brenda Lucki seemed willing to use the RCMP to push Trudeau’s personal political agenda in the wake of a horrific mass shooting. This deepened the loss of credibility in an institution that was already struggling to gain the confidence of Canadians.

The Canadian Military – The Canadian Military has been beset with endless scandals, a lack of funding, and even an inability to cover the cost of our troop’s meals in Poland. Recruitment is lagging and an infusion of woke thinking is exactly the last thing the CAF needs. The military seems like the one place the Trudeau Liberals don’t like spending money, and Trudeau’s aversion to any kind of right-leaning national pride leaves the country unable to make the kind of appeals that encourage people to join up.

The Justice System – Combined with the ever-leftward, soft-on-crime shift of the Supreme Court, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have implemented policies that make it easier for criminals to get out of jail earlier, or even avoid jail altogether. This has led to a significant surge in violent crime, leaving many Canadians shocked at how profoundly our justice system fails to protect our nation.

Public Health Officials – When Covid first emerged, public health officials like Theresa Tam trusted Communist China and the World Health Organization. They dismissed the need for restrictions on travel from China early on and called people racist for showing concern. Then, once it was too late to contain the virus, they pivoted to massive restrictions on our rights and freedoms. Then, they made an exception for politically-correct BLM rallies – including a massive gathering attended by Trudeau. They lost the trust of millions of Canadians, and seemed to be acting much more like politicians than public health experts. 

Institution after institution has crumbled under the Liberals and hemorrhaged credibility.

This has led to our nation being more divided than ever, a serious risk at a time when a more dangerous world requires national unity.

Yet, even this amount of damage doesn’t seem to be enough for the Liberals.

They now appear to be in the early stages of launching an attack on Confederation itself. 

Trudeau’s Attorney General David Lametti says the Liberals are “looking into” revoking the 1930 Natural Resource Revenue Transfer Act which gives Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba control over their natural resources.

Lametti even seemed to regard it as funny, saying “It won’t be uncontroversial is the only thing I would say with a bit of a smile.”

You’ve surely noticed how Lametti would never say anything similar about Quebec. It’s only the West that Lametti and Trudeau are ‘musing’ about stripping control over their natural resources.

While Lametti has since tried to ‘soften’ his remarks, he didn’t actually backtrack and didn’t rule it out. 

Obviously, this was a trial balloon being floated by the Liberals, likely something they’ve been talking about for a long time.

Would anyone be surprised to see Trudeau try to run an election campaign based on stripping the West of control over its resources while accusing anyone who opposed him of being ‘anti-Indigenous’ or ‘Colonialist’?

That’s exactly the kind of woke BS someone like Trudeau would use to try and stay in power.

The fact that this would lead Canada down the path of full-blown Western separatism, national division, and escalating rage obviously doesn’t matter to Trudeau.

He doesn’t care about the country. He only cares for his own power. And his cult-like supporters and pathetic enablers are pushing our nation closer and closer to ruin.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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