FERNANDO: The Liberals Campaign Against Themselves

PATHETIC: The Liberals Are Now Reduced To Campaigning Against Themselves

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


In recent remarks, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre lamented the way in which so many young Canadians are falling behind:

“For too many young Canadians, the promise of Canada, the kind of Canada that older Canadians [experienced], it doesn’t feel like it’s working.”

Poilievre’s remarks are consistent with his overarching message that “Canada is broken,” a message that has resonated among the many millions of Canadians who are struggling as Canada’s standard of living crumbles.

Except, it wasn’t Pierre Poilievre who said the words mentioned above.

It was Chrystia Freeland.

And she didn’t say this years ago when campaigning against the Conservatives. She said it within the past day.

As noted by Anthony Koch, this sure seems similar to Pierre Poilievre’s message.

Freeland’s newfound willingness to acknowledge the terrible state of things in Canada isn’t a one-off.

Justin Trudeau has been utilizing similar rhetoric, most recently when he lamented the way in which immigration has surged out of control.

Former Immigration Minister Sean Fraser (who implemented the insane immigration increases he now criticizes) has done the same.

All in all, the Liberals now sound very much like an opposition party, rather than a government that has been in power for eight and a half years.

And it’s among the most pathetic spectacles we’ve ever seen in Canadian politics.

The Liberals have failed so profoundly that they are now reduced to campaigning against themselves.

The fact that the Liberals have been reduced to attacking their own record should – in a rational world – lead to them simply calling for an election NOW.

If they had even a shred of self-awareness or respect for the Canadian people, they would realize that their time in office has made this country worse in every possible way, and they would seek to give Canadians the chance to choose a new government.

Instead, the Liberals are trying to stay in power by acting as if they are the best choice to fix everything THEY RUINED!

It’s insane.

And it tells us three very dangerous things about the Liberal government.

First, it tells us that they think we are all stupid. They think they can fool us into re-electing them after they campaign against their own record. They think our memories are so short that we’ll forget who has been in power these past eight and a half years. They think we’ll be manipulated by fear-mongering and gaslighting into keeping Trudeau – or some equally pathetic Liberal replacement – in power so they can keep destroying our country.

Second, it tells us that the Liberals are incredibly power-hungry, beyond the general hunger for influence that drives many politicians. To campaign against your own record requires suppressing the overwhelming sense of hypocrisy that any normal person or organization would feel. It is so arrogant, so cynical, and so dishonest that it could only be done by a group of people who believe they must stay in power at all costs, no matter what they have to say or what they have to do. 

Third, it tells us that the Liberals have total disregard for the Canadian People. Year, after year, after year, the Liberals have made deliberate decisions that have made our lives worse. This wasn’t an accident. This wasn’t a mistake. They did this all on purpose. 

They broke the immigration system on purpose. 

They imposed the economy-wrecking carbon tax on purpose. 

They undermined Canadian values on purpose. 

They destroyed hundreds of billions of potential energy sector investments on purpose.

They submitted to criminals on purpose.

They made our cities and communities more dangerous on purpose.

They demonized law-abiding gun owners on purpose.

They divided our nation on purpose.

They assaulted our rights and freedoms on purpose.

They appointed eco-Communist lunatics like Steven Guilbeault on purpose.

They screwed over an entire generation of Canadians on purpose. 

And now – in a final insult – they think they can get away with campaigning against their own ruination of our nation and stay in power by pretending to oppose everything they’ve done.


The future of our nation hangs in the balance.

We’ve never seen such a malicious bunch of anti-Canadian socialist radicals in power like this Trudeau-Liberal government, and our nation is being pushed further and further into the gutter each day they remain in power.

That’s why we must do everything we can to keep the pressure on, hold the Liberals accountable, and counter their disgusting attempt to gaslight our country.

The future of Canadian freedom and prosperity, indeed the future of Canada itself, depends upon whether we have the strength to stand up for what is right, to stand up for the truth, and to stand up for our country. It’s up to us to ensure that the Liberals are held accountable for their disastrous record and are decisively crushed at the ballot box.

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