FERNANDO: A Canada Colonized by China?

Has Canada Become A Colony Of The Chinese Communist Party?

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Countries often want to stand out on the world stage.

But standing out is not necessarily a good thing.

Sometimes, it means a country is an outlier in a way that is embarrassing and dangerous.

And that is exactly the position Canada finds itself in today.

While basically the entire Western world, including the US, the European Union, and Australia are pushing to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for the lies and actions that led to the Coronavirus spreading around the world, the Liberal government remains silent.

And, rather than simply refraining from criticizing China, the Liberals are showing total cowardice and doing exactly what the CCP propagandists want.

They won’t even mention Taiwan -- as in they won’t even say the name of the country whatsoever. 

Even after Taiwan donated a huge amount of personal protective equipment to Canada – while China is making us pay after hoarding all of it – the Liberals are refusing to say the word Taiwan.

We saw a display of disgusting cowardice during a recent online Question Period, when – despite being given multiple chances – Liberal Foreign Minister Francois Philippe-Champagne refused to even thank Taiwan, and refused to even say the name of the country that just provided so much help to Canadians.

At what point do we stop pretending that the Communist Party of China hasn’t rammed its giant fist so far up the backside of our Liberal government, that they have the power to move cabinet mouths?

What else has to happen to make that any more clear?

It must be said that this isn’t just pandering and sucking up to China.

This is something far worse, and far more dangerous.

This is a government that is now standing apart from all of Canada’s allies, and is standing with the rhetoric and propaganda perspective of the Chinese Communist Party.

And as we know, the Chinese Communist Party is a brutal regime that has kidnapped two Canadians, put over one million Muslims in concentration camps, is ripping freedom away in Hong Kong, is massively building up their armed forces while intimidating their neighbours, and is currently threatening every country that so much as hints at an investigation of the CCP Coronavirus. The CCP also victimized the Chinese People, in particular the doctors, nurses, and journalists who tried to speak up about the spreading virus, and were subsequently jailed, silenced, and punished for trying to speak the truth.

To side with the Chinese Communist Party is to betray everything Canada is supposed to stand for. 

The pro-CCP actions of the Trudeau government have become so disturbing, so strange, and so anti-Canadian that many people are understandably asking if Canada has become a colony of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Liberal government has put our country into a situation in which we are dependent upon China for almost all of our personal protective equipment, even as what we get from China is often unusable crap.

The Liberals refuse to utter a negative word about China, and repeatedly push the official CCP Propaganda line, as Patty Hajdu did when she claimed questions about the official death totals in China were ‘conspiracy theories,’ and doubled-down on her praise of China’s virus response.

They won’t even say the name ‘Taiwan,’ won’t join with our allies in demanding justice and accountability from the CCP, and have simply rolled over like a good little dog for their Chinese Communist Party masters.

Among the most dangerous aspects of all of this is that the Liberals are sending a clear message that they are only motivated by threats.

They are rewarding China’s bullying.

Yet, they seem to not realize that Canada has far more to lose by siding with China, than standing against China.

Our economy is highly dependent on trade with the US, our closest ally, and a fellow democratic nation. Our trade with the US dwarfs our trade with China, and there is no future in which that changes.

Why would we put that at risk to side with a brutal Communist regime?

Why would we show cowardice in the face of China’s threats, while Australia – a country with far more to lose by criticizing China – shows backbone and stands up for democratic values?

You can clearly see and feel that there is something more sinister going on here, something that speaks to the possible deep infiltration of our nation by the Chinese Communist Party.

We are facing the disturbing possibility that much of our ruling class is already either ideologically in tune with China, or has direct financial interests tied in with the Chinese Communist Party.

We face a growing danger that our country itself is being stolen from us behind the scenes, as China turns us into a colony of the CCP, and twists our government into a tool for the advancement of their own sinister interests.

As we have all seen, the more weakness the Trudeau government shows towards China, the worse our country is treated. Responding to threats with weakness only invites more threats.

Cowardice in the face of bullying invites more bullying.

In this disturbing era, we must remember that no country is guaranteed survival. Countries and civilizations fall. Countries get turned into colonies and tributary states of ruthless powers.

There is nothing that makes Canada immune from a potentially horrible fate, nothing except our own vigilance, our own willingness to defend the values our country was based upon, and our own strength and courage to stand up for what we know is right.

If we want to stop our country from falling into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, we must stand together, help awaken more of our fellow citizens, and demand that the Liberals stop selling us out to a hostile power and start showing some loyalty to the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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