FERNANDO: The Entire Political Spectrum Is Fed Up With Trudeau

English Leaders' Debate: Across The Political Spectrum, People Are Fed Up With Trudeau’s Lies

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


If there was one key takeaway from the English language leader’s debate, it was this:

“You’ve had six years.”

It was an oft-repeated response to Justin Trudeau after he finished making a new claim or promise, and it demonstrates how his political approach has simply run out of steam.

Trudeau’s approach in 2015 was to promise what everyone wanted to hear, and play the ‘nice, positive’ political role.

When you haven’t been in power, it’s easy to promise everything, and voters are often willing to take a chance.

It got Trudeau elected.

In 2019, he had to win ugly with a more negative campaign following the blackface scandal, the aftermath of his firing of Jody Wilson-Raybould, multiple ethics scandals, and more. Canadians started to see the gap between Trudeau’s words, and his actions.

He lost the popular vote.

He lost the Liberal majority.

Now, in 2021, the gap between Trudeau’s words and his actions is a gaping chasm.

He can’t fall back on the ‘nice guy’ persona.

He can’t fall back on ‘sunny ways.’

And he can’t fall back on his record.

So all he has left are lies, division, and hate.

Lies about what his government has done, and not done.

Lies about his opponents.

Lies meant to divide and turn Canadians against each other.

Is this just me saying this?


Trudeau in fact tried to gaslight the entire nation during the debate, including an outright lie when he claimed his government wasn’t taking Indigenous Children to court.

Following Trudeau’s lie, Cindy Blackstock called him out:

“I am stunned by Mr. Trudeau's statement that he is not fighting Indigenous children in court.  In June, the federal government litigated against First Nations kids to deny them help under Jordan's Principle and to avoid paying compensation to victims of fed. discrimination.”

“Here is a link to a video for the trial: https://twitter.com/cblackst/status/1436148165791657988 It was literally webcast.”

I really want people to think about this and think about what it means.

Justin Trudeau is reduced to lying right to the faces of Canadians.

You almost can’t blame him for thinking it will work, since he’s gotten away with so many lies throughout his political career.

But like any political tactic, nothing can keep on working forever.

And now that Justin Trudeau has been in office for six years, he can’t pretend that his words have any meaning.

During the debate, on issue after issue, Trudeau was slammed for having nothing but future promises to cover up for past failures.

His only retort was to pathetically blame Stephen Harper, which is of course an admission of weakness:

If Trudeau can’t hit his own targets, and can’t make good on his own promises after six years in office, and if everything is still the ‘fault’ of his predecessor, doesn’t that imply that Trudeau himself lacks leadership ability?

Anyone can promise anything, but those promises mean nothing when the person making them lacks credibility.

And that word – credibility – has become Trudeau’s biggest weakness.

Justin Trudeau is counting on the fact that we all have busy lives, and that most people don’t have the time to parse every claim and promise he makes against the actual factual record. Thus, he says whatever he thinks will help him in the exact moment, regardless of whether it bears any relationship to what he has done or said in the past.

The problem for Trudeau is that a feeling builds up over time, a feeling that what a person says cannot be trusted. 

A feeling that they don’t mean a word they say. 

A feeling that everything is an emotional manipulation, a tactical trick, a political strategy.

And, at a certain point, people start to tune out and dismiss whatever that person says.

That may be what is happening to Justin Trudeau.

Across the political spectrum, a growing anti-Trudeau feeling is emerging in the nation.

An anti-Trudeau, ‘Anyone But Trudeau’ movement that disagrees on a lot of other issues, but agrees that Trudeau’s dishonesty, division, and rampant gaslighting has done serious damage to the country, and necessitates his defeat.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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