FERNANDO: David Johnston Hasn't Earned Your Trust

David Johnston Is Demanding A Level Of Trust & Respect He Hasn’t Earned

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked ‘Special Rapporteur’ David Johnston’s entire worldview can be summed up by the idea that he thinks he is above you, and thinks you owe him deference.

He is an ‘eminent Canadian,’ and thus should be trusted automatically.

But has Johnston earned that trust?

Is he an ‘eminent Canadian’?

Does he deserve deference?

Well, his decision to stay on as Trudeau’s defender says it all.

Johnston doesn’t serve the Canadian people.

He doesn’t serve the elected representatives of Canadians, a majority of whom voted for him to step aside.

No, he serves only the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and he has conducted himself in a highly partisan manner.

Johnston dismissed the vote for him to step down by claiming it was based on supposedly false information. 

Think of the arrogance it takes to make that kind of statement.

He just flat-out dismissed the will of MPs, and tried to convince them that any negative information about him must be somehow untrue.

You could see that Johnston expects to simply be taken at his word, and never questioned or doubted.

He exempted himself from allegations of a conflict of interest, citing himself:

"I have heard clearly the disagreement with my recommendations not to call a public inquiry, as well as allegations about my integrity and my independence. These allegations are, put simply, false," special rapporteur David Johnston tells the House procedure committee.”

It’s the equivalent of saying “I investigated myself and found myself innocent.”

We would laugh someone out of a courtroom if they tried that, so why would we put up with it from David Johnston, especially on something as important as protecting our institutions from being taken over by the Chinese Communist Party?

Watching Johnston speak at a committee, one may have wondered where the ‘eminence’ was.

Johnston didn’t give off an impression of competence, only arrogance. 

He didn’t even demonstrate a strong command of the subject he was supposedly investigating, admitting he didn’t see all the relevant information regarding China’s foreign interference.

As we know, his report included massive gaps, including the absence of any mention of the Trudeau Foundation.

So, not only is Johnston arrogant, but he doesn’t even possess the competence to perhaps justify a shred of that arrogance.

A non-elite elite

Johnston’s combination of arrogance and incompetence makes him the perfect fit for a role created by Justin Trudeau.

The political elite centred around the prime minister are unable to get any of the basic aspects of governance right, yet still demand to be seen as better than everyone else and still demand power without accountability.

Canadians are watching as our standard of living erodes, crime surges, government services crumble, national defences weaken, and our democratic institutions are infiltrated by a Communist State.

This is a government incapable of even providing decent equipment to our troops who they’ve sent overseas.

This is a government that claims they didn’t investigate China threatening a Canadian MP because the PM’s security advisor was on vacation and missed an email.

They are an elite without any elite characteristics, talent, competence, or performance.

This is why our nation continues to trend more and more towards mediocrity and stagnation.

We are being held back by people like David Johnston who are good only at protecting their own power and privileges.

We are being held back by people like Justin Trudeau who look down on Canadians and see us as nothing but tools for woke social experiments and radical climate policies.

And we are being held back by people like Jagmeet Singh who posture as opponents of the failed elite yet do nothing but prop it up and perpetuate it.

None of them have earned our respect, and they don’t deserve it.

Canadians must start to realize the true nature of the substandard people who are running our country, and clean house in the next election so that we can finally unleash our true potential and prosperity.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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