FERNANDO: Insane Immigration & Creeping Socialism

Insane Immigration & Creeping Socialism: Trudeau’s Nation-Destroying Combo

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


All it takes is one bad idea to destroy a nation.

Throughout history, successful and prosperous nations have given in to the lure of radical ideologies like Socialism, Fascism, and Islamism, only to watch as their nations were ruined.

Iran was once on track to be a successful First-World nation, before being taken over by the Ayatollahs, and stagnating for decades.

Venezuela and Argentina should have been economic powerhouses, but their embrace of socialism squandered generations of potential.

Germany sought to gain influence through brutal conquest and genocide, rather than trading peacefully with their neighbours, which led to tens of millions of deaths and the ruination of their country.

And look at what has happened to nations like Poland that were once trapped in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Poland’s economic growth – along with the growth of nations like Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania – has been inspiring, and demonstrated the way in which capitalism and democracy are undeniably superior to socialism. 

Unfortunately, despite its long track record of brutal failure, socialism is an idea that refuses to go away.

Power-hungry politicians, who are failures in life, and despisers of human ambition, all embrace socialism as a way to hold other people back.

After all, if you’re obsessed with power and hate people with ambition, what better way to cover that up than by claiming you’re a socialist who is fighting for ‘fairness and equality.’ 

Look at someone like eco-Communist Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault.

Anyone who looks at him can tell he hates successful and ambitious people.

He despises the entrepreneurial spirit of Alberta.

He hates the oil and gas sector because the oil and gas sector helps make freedom and prosperity possible. 

He hates everyone who wants to better the human condition through economic growth because that clashes with his desire to see people suffer and see us all be forcibly returned to a primitive and backward life of subsistence and de-industrialization.

So of course, Guilbeault describes himself as a ‘proud socialist.’

Justin Trudeau – who shows an odd, almost familial, affinity for socialist dictators like Fidel Castro – has moved the Liberals away from their centrist roots and towards becoming a socialist party virtually indistinguishable from the NDP, which is part of why he and Jagmeet Singh get along so well.

Trudeau has deliberately sought to strangle individual initiative, weaken the energy sector, disincentivize investment, and raise taxes, all while massively expanding the size and scope of government including presiding over eye-watering increases in the size of the public service without any increase in service quality.

Trudeau’s answer to everything is to borrow more, spend more, tax more, subsidize more, and then create a new government program to ‘fix’ the failures of the previous failed program.

And so, it’s obvious that Trudeau and his ilk have embraced the nation-destroying idea of socialism which is leading to predictably brutal results for Canadians.

As noted by Catherine Swift – President of the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses of Canada (CCMBC) – Canada is now being subject to ‘creeping socialism’.

And as bad as this is, it’s not the only nation-wrecking idea Trudeau has embraced.

Insane Immigration

Justin Trudeau has ruined Canada’s immigration system.

It was once the envy of the world, now it’s a cautionary tale.

Trudeau’s decision to massively expand immigration has created a devastating affordability crisis, as noted in the powerful new spot from the National Citizens Coalition.


And, as noted by Martin Pelletier – a highly-respected voice on economic matters in Canada – on Twitter, Trudeau is 100% responsible for this.

This is pure insanity.

There’s no other word for it.

The Liberals knew what this would do to our country.

Trudeau knew what it would do to our country.

The Liberals knew there was no way Canada was going to start building millions of new homes per year to keep up with a surge of immigrants, which means they knew the housing affordability crisis would get even worse.


This is what Canadians must understand:

This was all deliberate.

The pain and struggle faced by so many Canadians, the stress, the lost livelihoods, the deferred dreams, the loss of hope – all of it was DELIBERATELY caused by Justin Trudeau and his enablers like Jagmeet Singh.

And then, Trudeau and his cronies have the gall to complain about Canadians being angry.

Who are they to tell us not to be angry?

Canadians should be angry.

Canadians should be enraged.

Canadians should be livid.

The Liberals deliberately chose to combine failed socialist ideas with insane immigration increases, putting two nation-wrecking ideas together into one.

This is what makes this version of the Liberals – the Trudeau version – so dangerous and so destructive to our country.

If Trudeau was just lazy or a bit too unconcerned with fiscal responsibility, the damage would be containable.

But he’s chosen – deliberately – to combine insane immigration increases with a radical shift towards prosperity-destroying socialism.

In the process, he has torn our country apart, set us back at least a decade, and locked an entire generation out of opportunity. He also screwed over a whole bunch of people who came to Canada based on lie, and now hopes they’ll take the blame.

And despite his total failure, despite his contribution to Canada being objectively harmful, he still refuses to go. He’s still sticking around, spending our money, trying to restrict our freedoms, and expanding his power at our expense.

And so, we must channel the 100% righteous anger we feel towards helping our fellow Canadians be made fully aware of the fact that Trudeau is to blame for our rapid national decline and build as big a movement as possible to ensure that Trudeau and everyone who thinks like him is demolished in the next election.

Then, we can get on to the work of bringing immigration down to reasonable levels and restoring the kind of capitalist free market competition that Canada needs to restore our prosperity.

Brighter days are ahead, but only if we have the strength and resolve to stop Trudeau from holding on to power.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a writer and campaign fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. Join the mailing list to receive his exclusive weekly columns in your inbox.

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