FERNANDO: Guilbeault's 'Death Cult' Ideology

Guilbeault’s ‘Death Cult’ Ideology Must Be Stopped

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Because we are surrounded by modern technology, it can be easy to forget that the human brain isn’t much different than it was at a time when we were far less advanced and far more primitive.

Thus, we often see people revolting against the modern world in one way or another. These revolts take different forms and take place across the political spectrum in different eras, but they all share a desire to somehow ‘undo’ the modern era and ‘go back.’

This impulse isn’t always negative, as there are important lessons from the past that should be remembered, and it is often possible for ‘progress’ to make things worse.

However, the most extreme manifestations of the revolt against modernity invariably turn into quasi- ‘death cults,’ focused on some kind of ‘purifying’ destruction to return humanity or the Earth to a more primitive state.

And right now, that’s what we are seeing from the eco-radicals like Steven Guilbeault and many members of the Liberal government.

This Tweet by the CCFR’s Tracey Wilson accurately sums up how many in the government feel about Canadians:

“These people will see you starve or freeze to death and not think a single thing about it. 

They hate you. Us.”

There’s no other conclusion that can be drawn from a government that continues to impose extremist climate policies on Canadians even as we struggle to heat our homes during this deep freeze.

And this is where we really must understand the depths of the ideological extremism at work here, and what that extremism says about the Liberals and about the threat they pose to our way of life.

Steven Guilbeault has advisors. They are well paid, there are a ton of them, and they have access to all the information they need to make decisions.

Some of those advisors know how to read statistics and know how to present them. 

Those advisors have surely shown Guilbeault Canada’s percentage of global emissions (less than 2%).

They have surely shown him China’s emissions stats and have informed him that China is ramping up coal power plant production. 

They have surely shown him that all First-World countries (a category Canada may not be in for long) that are in cold climates use lots of energy. 

They have surely informed him that the Canadian energy sector has among the highest environmental and labour standards on the planet.

They have surely informed him that the less energy Canada produces and sells, the more is sold by authoritarian states like Russia, Venezuela, and Iran. 

They have surely informed him that even were Canada to shut down our entire economy, it would make almost no difference to global emissions.

They have surely informed him that Canadians have no choice but to use lots of energy to heat our homes when it’s freezing cold, and that making that energy more expensive will push people into poverty. 

He has been told all of this.

He knows all of this.

And he ignores all of this.

Because for him, it’s not really about the facts.

It’s not about making things better for Canadians.

It’s about his zealous and radical climate agenda and imposing it no matter the cost.

You can see it in Guilbeault’s eyes.

You can see the zealotry.

You can see the extremism.

You can see the disdain and hatred for those who don’t agree with him.

And as you see that, you can also see why it is so disastrous for our country to have someone like him in a position of such power.

As disturbing as it is to acknowledge, in many ways, the eco-radical movement does resemble a death cult.

It is obsessed with making the world ‘pure’ and banishing ‘dirty’ forms of energy, which it attacks and demonizes.

Look at how Alberta is treated by Guilbeault and his ilk.

Any logical person would be incredibly grateful to Alberta. Think of all the life-affirming benefits Albertan energy has brought to our country. Think of all the homes and schools and hospitals it has helped to heat. Think of all the lives it has enriched. Think of all the wealth it has generated, and all that wealth has done to build infrastructure and push our society and our nation forward. We should be thanking Alberta and the Alberta energy sector. We should be praising it.

Yet, Guilbeault demonizes it.

He wants to destroy it.

The very fact that the Alberta energy sector generates wealth and affirms life is what he and his eco-radicals hate so much about it.

Just like the Communists, Guilbeault’s real ideology is a hatred of those who are successful, a hatred of growth and advancement, a hatred of the human impulse to create new things and generate wealth rather than just steal from others.

Guilbeault, Trudeau, and the other radicals may hide their hatred behind labels like ‘progressives’ and ‘environmentalists,’ but the more Canadians suffer under this government, and the more our standard of living is stripped away from us with each passing day, the more we can see these extremists being exposed for who they really are: proponents of a ‘death-cult’ ideology that has no place in the halls of government.

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