FERNANDO: Failure On All Fronts

Failure On All Fronts

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


The Liberal government has set in motion the end of the carbon tax.

They may still be in denial about it, and they still may be trying to talk their way around it.

But sooner or later, they will come to understand that their home heating oil exemption represented the beginning of the end for their signature ‘climate policy.’

There are three key reasons for this.

First, the Liberals have undermined their own claim that the tax (and rebate) gives back more than Canadians pay. If that was really true, then why would exempting people from the tax be promoted as a measure to “increase affordability”?

Second, the Liberals have undermined their claim that the carbon tax was a non-negotiable measure to help save the planet through Canada’s ‘climate action plan.’ If that was really true, then why could any politically-motivated exemption be given if the fate of the planet is at stake?

Third, by undermining their two main defences of the tax in the pursuit of short-term political gain in a once-Liberal-dominated region, the government has caused everyone else in the country to seek the same deal. Thus, they have trapped themselves. Either they give out further exemptions – thus further undermining the carbon tax policy – or they reveal the policy to be nothing more than a tool of raw political power meant to reward regions that vote Liberal while punishing those who ‘dare’ to exercise their democratic rights by voting for the Opposition.

Either way, the carbon tax can no longer be credibly sold as either a climate policy or as an affordability policy.

And so, with Pierre Poilievre, Conservative MPs, and much of the independent media having already done the work of weakening support for the carbon tax among opponents of the Liberal government, the Liberals are weakening support for the carbon tax among their own remaining supporters.

One failure among many

Usually, such a dramatic and divisive partial reversal of a key government policy would stand out.

Yet, this is only one failure among many.

On issue after issue, the entire edifice of ideology and policy upon which the Liberal government is based has collapsed.

Our economy – which has long been in a per capita GDP recession – now appears almost certain to have entered an overall recession, with negative growth in Q2 and advance estimates showing negative growth in Q3. With some of the highest population growth rates in the developed world, a decline in total GDP is a sign of massive economic problems.

Speaking of immigration, the Liberals are rapidly turning immigration into a divisive issue by ramping up targets far beyond what Canadians support, and far beyond what our social services and economy can handle. 

The Liberals have also coupled surging immigration with a ‘post-national’ attitude that seeks to undermine the West while elevating far less successful civilizations. Now that it turns out our country brought in a ton of people with zero loyalty to Western values, and who happen to be rabid anti-Semites, the government appears incapable of grappling with the grim reality within our nation.

Canada’s aforementioned ‘climate policy’ is in tatters, though this really represents nothing more than a long-belated recognition of what was always the case: Taxing Canadians to ‘save the planet’ could never have done anything other than make Canadians poorer while leaving the global climate unaffected.

The failure doesn’t end there.

Turns out that focusing on punishing law-abiding gun owners instead of going after criminals isn’t the best way to deal with violent crime, which is now surging nationwide. 

And using taxpayer dollars to distribute illegal drugs to drug addicts isn’t a great way to reduce drug addiction and – to the apparent surprise of the Liberals – leads to more addiction and more suffering.

And while we’re talking about suffering, the Liberals appear hell-bent on turning Canada into a country where the state is glad to help you die rather than help you live, in a twisted quasi-return of the kind of eugenics policy our society had previously experimented with and then rightfully rejected.

Canada is also failing abroad. 

Our military is on the brink of collapse and is being stripped of another $1 billion.

The Liberals are still pretending we aren’t in a new Cold War, as they resist the ‘division of the world into democracies and autocracies,’ despite autocracies like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea making it clear they are out to undermine, weaken, and crush the world’s democracies.

Canada is thus left with a foreign policy and national defence policy built for the world of 2015, not the world of 2023.

Now, you’ll likely have noticed that Canada’s economy, immigration system, criminal justice system, healthcare system, military, and foreign policy are all in decline.

What does that leave us that is improving?


Liberal government policy is failing on all fronts, something that we have not seen before in this country. Every government is expected to have strong files and weak files, but we have not seen a government fail so profoundly and so completely.

This is why the Liberals have been unable to ‘communicate’ their way out of their huge polling deficit. And this is why they continue to become more and more unhinged – and thus more and more dangerous – in their attempts to demonize the Opposition. 

The partial carbon tax exemption is likely only the beginning of the Liberals resorting to the use of raw state power to try and coerce Canadians into supporting them. A weakened and cornered Trudeau government propped up by an incompetent communist like Jagmeet Singh can and will do massive damage to this nation while they remain in power, and that’s why those of us who love this country must keep up the pressure to bring their destructive tenure to an end as soon as possible.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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