FERNANDO: Another Trudeau Failure

Another Trudeau Failure: Canadians Reject The Disastrous Liberal Budget

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


In poll after poll after poll, Canadians are making it abundantly clear that there’s one big thing this country wants:


According to the latest Angus Reid poll, 66% of Canadians have an unfavourable view of Trudeau, while just 28% have a favourable view of him.

The unfavourable number has risen 2% since last month, while the favourable number has dropped 4% in that time.

The Liberals are also getting demolished in the latest national surveys.

They trail the Conservatives by 19 points in the latest Ipsos poll, 15 points in the latest Innovative poll, and 20 points in the latest Angus Reid poll.

Canadians have been sending the same message to the Liberals for a long time now.

We’ve had enough of this Prime Minister, and we’ve had enough of this government.

So, what are the Liberals doing in response?

Giving us more Justin Trudeau.

As the Liberal-friendly Toronto Star notes in a recent column by Susan Delacourt, “You’re about to hear Justin Trudeau on a lot more popular podcasts. Here’s what’s behind it.”

Apparently, “The prime minister says Canada’s reputation for generosity and tolerance is under threat.”

And so, the Liberals plan to have Trudeau go on a bunch of Canadian and American podcasts both in Canada and the United States.

Trudeau recently went on the Vox podcast and spoke about the rise of populism.

Here’s part of what he said:

“People are facing an anxiety that the economy doesn’t work for them anymore. That the deck is stacked against young people in a way that is different from previous generations,” Trudeau said on Today, Explained. “And that’s a problem because it leads to a sense of uncertainty about the future and a sense of, ‘Okay, the institutions and society and government can’t actually help.’ And that sort of feeds into populism.”

Now, you’ll notice a few trademark manipulative Trudeau tactics here.

First, he casts the economic struggles of Canadians as part of some sort of larger trend in order to ignore the fact that Canada – under his watch – is rapidly becoming poorer on a per capita basis. 

That’s something that is not happening in most of our peer nations, meaning there is something specific to Canada going on (AKA Trudeau’s ‘leadership’).

We also see Trudeau’s ‘hands-off’ ‘pundit-style’ stance, where he acts as if he is just an observer of events rather than the Prime Minister of the country. 

Finally, we see his selective usage of populism.

Apparently, it’s ‘populism’ when Pierre Poilievre says Canada is broken, but it’s not populism when Trudeau says ‘tax the rich’ and tries to scapegoat financially successful Canadians for his own government's failings. 

And this brings us to an important realization.

Justin Trudeau isn’t opposed to populism, he’s just angry that his version of populism isn’t winning over Canadians anymore.

A brutal rejection & another failure to add to the list

The Liberals giving Canadians more Trudeau in response to demands for less Trudeau is in keeping with their arrogance. 

Trudeau almost always responds to opposition by doubling and tripling-down.

He responds to criticism of the carbon tax by saying Canada has to ‘move even faster on climate’.

He responds to demands for fiscal restraint by ramping up spending even more.

He responded to criticism of surging immigration levels by calling opponents bigots and ramping up immigration even more, before his most recent desperate about-face. 

And yet, the Liberals have often mixed their elitist arrogance with a strong dose of socialist populism. 

Trudeau plays the populist anti-American card all the time – except when it serves his political interests to go on American podcasts of course.

Trudeau played the populist card against unvaccinated Canadians in 2021, in one of the most disgusting and divisive moves we’ve ever seen from a Canadian Prime Minister.

Trudeau played the populist card against ‘big tech companies’ when he was trying to justify his social media control and legacy media bailout legislation.

And he and the Liberals went all-in on populism in their latest budget, framing it around a ‘tax the rich’ message and an increase in the capital gains tax. 

The Liberals surely thought this would work out well for them.

After all, polls generally show people think ‘the rich’ should pay more in taxes.

But when most people think about ‘the rich,’ they’re thinking of the biggest billionaire they happen to dislike.

When the government thinks about ‘the rich,’ they’re thinking about your family doctor who may end up leaving the country because of an increased tax burden. 

Canadians appear to have picked up on this, because the new budget has landed with an absolute thud.

On the Liberals signature play for political recovery – the ‘tax the rich’ capital gains hike – 46% of Canadians call it a mistake, while 31% say it’s a good idea. 24% say they don’t know. 

Those are disastrous numbers for the Liberals, because it indicates Canadians have quickly realized that the ‘rich’ category encompasses far more people than the Liberals like to pretend.

Meanwhile, 49% of Canadians view the budget negatively, while 21% view it positively.

And a mere 12% of Canadians think the budget will help them.

The Liberals spent an extra $40 billion of our tax dollars to try and reverse their collapse in the polls, but it didn’t move the needle even a bit.

It’s another Trudeau failure to add to the list – a failure all of us will pay for.

Canadians are done listening, we want an election

With their mix of elitism, socialist populism, and rank incompetence, the Liberals are unwilling to do the one thing that would really be in keeping with what Canadians need and want.

Call an election.

Canadians are tired of this government.

We are tired of listening to Justin Trudeau pretend he can fix the problems that he caused.

We are tired of being lectured to by lunatics like Steven Guilbeault.

We are tired of watching our country collapse while the government and legacy press tells us we should be worried who is endorsing Pierre Poilievre.

Enough is enough. 

End the suffering.

End the misery.

End the decline.

Call an election.

Let the people be heard.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a writer and campaign fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. Join the mailing list to receive his exclusive weekly columns in your inbox.

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