FERNANDO: A Canada United Against Communist China

When It Comes To China, Canadians Are Speaking With One Voice. Trudeau Must Act Accordingly

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


On many big issues, Canada is deeply divided.

The last election delivered an indecisive verdict, with Canadians unwilling to give a majority to anyone.

The Liberals held onto power with the lowest popular vote for any ‘winning’ government in history, and the Conservatives – despite narrowly winning the popular vote – fell short in many close ridings.

The campaign made it undeniably clear that Canada has deep divisions, particularly between the West and East, English Canada and Quebec, and between partisans of all stripes.

With all of that in mind, the recent results of the Angus Reid poll on how Canadians view China are astounding.

On that issue, the issue of how we view China, Canadians are speaking with one voice.

The results are as close to total unanimity as we could expect, surpassing the level of agreement on every other issue.

The poll showed just 14% of Canadians with a positive view of China, compared to 81% with a negative view.

Overwhelming majorities in all regions of the country have an unfavourable view of the Chinese Communist Party-run nation.

A mere 1% of Canadians view China ‘very favourably,’ a number so small as to be akin to a rounding error.

A huge majority of Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP supporters view China negatively.

84% say believe China has been dishonest about the true Coronavirus situation in the country.

Only 11% want closer trade ties with China.

76% say human rights and the rule of law should take precedence over trade and investment when we deal with China.

78% want Huawei banned.

88% say China “can’t be trusted on human rights or the rule of law.”

This represents a decisive tipping point for Canadian public opinion.

Despite our partisan differences, most Canadians have a core agreement on some fundamental values. We believe people should be free to speak their minds, free to criticize the government, free to worship freely (or not worship at all if that’s their choice) and be free to vote in democratic elections.

There are differences on what that means, differences in the interpretation of our values, but those core values remain.

And with those values in mind, Canadians have – with near universal agreement – realized that China under the rule of the CCP is a nation that threatens and opposes our core values as Canadians.

When people across the political and ideological spectrum agree, it’s a sign that something much deeper is going on.

For many years, the Trudeau government and much of the elitist political and corporate class have tried to get Canadians to love China.

They tried rolling over for China.

They tried downplaying the crimes of the CCP.

They tried appealing to greed.

They tried appealing to fear.

They tried distracting people by focusing on the United States.

It all failed.

Despite all that effort to propagandize Canadians, the good people of this country saw through the lies, and saw the truth.

Like never before, the Canadian People are unified on the issue of China, and now is the time for Justin Trudeau to act accordingly.

Justin Trudeau’s job is not to impose his agenda. His job is to listen to the will of the Canadian People, and make that will manifest in government policy.

Trudeau’s previous support for China, his unwillingness to criticize them, and the constant show of weakness has only emboldened the ruthless CCP, leading to worse treatment of Canada and our allies.

Now, we see examples of strength and courage from those same allies, as Australia – despite having much to lose economically – continues to stand firm against China’s threats. The European Union has grown increasingly tough on China, realizing that a deal with the devil always has consequences. And in the United States, the Trump Administration is making it very clear that the days of the US getting taken advantage of by the devious CCP are long gone.

The past cannot be changed. Trudeau’s weakness towards China has hurt our country, and cannot be undone. But he has a choice now to do things right going forward.

All he needs to do is listen to the overwhelming verdict of the Canadian People, and realize that our citizens are demanding a tougher approach to China, an end to our economic dependence on the Communist State, and recognition of the values upon which our nation is based.

As we enter what appears to be a new Cold War between the democratic nations & Communist China, the Canadian People have clearly and decisively picked our side. Now, it’s time for Justin Trudeau to stand with us.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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