FERNANDO: Canada's Anti-Democracy Moment

Canada’s Dangerous Anti-Democracy Moment

Because of Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh, the will of the Canadian People is being ignored and subverted, and the damage is piling up fast.

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have long sought to portray themselves as defenders of democracy.

They say this all the time.

They fly around the world to conferences where they solemnly pledge to protect democracy from ‘misinformation,’ ‘extremism,’ and ‘foreign interference.’

Then, they fly back to Canada and lie to the electorate, impose extremist climate policies, do everything possible to avoid investigating foreign interference and push draconian legislation like Bill C-63 that could result in people being jailed for ‘precrime,’ which is about as dystopian as it gets.

In fact, this may be the only way in which Justin Trudeau has been ‘innovative’ during his time as Prime Minister. He has mastered the ‘art’ of subverting democracy while posing as its defender.

Unfortunately, he now has an accomplice.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is the only thing standing between Justin Trudeau and a Canadian electorate that is ready to crush the Liberals.

Jagmeet Singh stands between Trudeau and the accountability that Canadians are demanding.

And so, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are now both complicit in ushering in a dangerous anti-democracy moment in Canada.

On issue after issue, the government is explicitly offside with Canadian public opinion, and almost contemptuous of what Canadians want.

  • 70% of Canadians oppose the upcoming April 1st carbon tax hike. Trudeau and Singh are doing it anyway.
  • Nobody asked for the election to be pushed back to help some more MPs qualify for golden parachute pensions.
  • Canadians aren’t asking for the soft-on-crime policies that are bringing danger and chaos to our streets.
  • Canadians didn’t ask for insane immigration increases.
  • Canadians didn’t ask for our government to do the bidding of Hamas.
  • Canadians didn’t ask for ‘precrime’ legislation that is so draconian it’s being condemned around the free world.

Yet, what Canadians want doesn’t matter to Trudeau & Singh.

Instead, all that seems to matter is what they want.

Two incompetent, dishonest, malevolent, anti-freedom ‘leaders’ are using the time they have left in office to try and entrench a radical far-left extremist vision of Canada.

They are piling up the debt.

They are trying to wipe out our historical foundational values.

They are wrecking our institutions.

They are tearing the nation apart.

They are enriching their cronies at our expense.

They are distancing us from our allies.

They are siding with the worst of the worst and emboldening hate.

They are giving our streets away to criminals.

They are assaulting our freedoms.

And they simply don’t care that we don’t want any of this.

So, we must understand the true meaning of this moment.

This is Canada’s anti-democracy moment. A moment in time when we are technically democratic in theory, but not in practice.

Right now, the voice of the Canadian People appears to mean absolutely nothing to those who hold the power in Ottawa.

This too shall pass – but we can make it pass faster

Amid what is undeniably a dangerous moment, we cannot lose faith or hope.

Like all moments, this too shall pass, and we have the power to make it pass faster.

Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are counting on Canadians being passive, on people tuning things out until the next election. They hope to slip profoundly negative changes to the country by us while we aren’t paying attention.

But look what happens when Canadians pay attention.

Look at how Premiers across the nation – spurred on by pressure campaigns from the NCC and the rising grassroots anger of Canadians – turned against the carbon tax hike.

Look at how the Liberals and NDP are now on the record rejecting Canadians’ demands that the hike be stopped.

Look at how the Liberals and NDP are on the defensive on almost every issue.

They may be ignoring public opinion. They may be damaging the nation. But they aren’t doing it in the shadows.

Canadians are watching, and righteous anger toward the Liberal-NDP Pact is growing.

This anger – when channelled into political action and advocacy – helps to lay the foundation for an even bigger Liberal-NDP defeat, the kind of defeat that will send a message that won’t soon be forgotten.

And there are still Liberal & NDP MPs who want to get re-elected and are thus still susceptible to public pressure.

Trudeau and Singh are weaker than ever within their own parties because they both look like impending losers, and it only takes a few defections or internal revolts for things to change very fast.

That’s why we need to keep fighting.

That’s why we need to maintain our strength and our resolve.

We are closer than ever to saving our nation. And with your help, we will emerge from this dark time and restore Canada’s promise for future generations.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a writer and campaign fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. Join the mailing list to receive his exclusive weekly columns in your inbox.

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