Fairytale Economics Can't Mask PMO Corruption


On a whopper of a news day that included a snap Alberta election call and a stunning Liberal Justice Committee cover-up, the biggest whopper of all is the lie Bill Morneau is trying to sell the Canadian people with today's budget.

With previous annual deficits averaging $18 billion, and Canada’s debt clock under the Trudeau Liberals at $691 billion-plus and growing, we had already given up on Trudeau's promise that "the budget would balance itself", and that they would do so by 2019. 

"If they hadn't made it clear enough already, today's outrageous attempt at vote-buying only shows Trudeau's Liberal government and his corrupted PMO have outright given up on ever being accountable to their word." Says NCC President Peter Coleman.

"Today's election budget was always going to mortgage the future to cover-up for their sins. But the level of pork-barrelling on display has never been more transparent." 

Some of the most outrageous lowlights?

-$22.8-billion in new spending.

-$19.8-billion deficit in 2019-2020.

-Big deficits BEYOND 2023.

They are trying to buy back support with our own money because of their failure to build pipelines. Their failure to not meddle in legal affairs. And their failure to address the needs and concerns of hard-working Canadians.

Because of that, future generations will be stuck holding the bill for the most hypocritical government of our time. One that has chosen party interests over country time and time again.

Unless, of course, we don't let that happen.