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For months now, Justin Trudeau has been well out of step with the science and data, and forward-thinking governments from around the globe regarding Covid vaccine mandates for travel and day-to-day life.

Simply put: they no longer work (if they ever worked at all). 

Now, with both our airports and reputation on the world stage in utter disarray, even Liberals have started to speak out against his vindictive mandates. And Trudeau's recent changes don't go far enough.

Enough is enough. We need to heal the divisions in our society. We need to move on from Liberal pandemic theatre. And we can no longer allow for hard-working, law-abiding Canadians to be treated so abhorrently by an unethical PM with an axe to grind against the "fringe minority."

We want to raise 10,000 signatures to forward to the PMO. Will you pledge your name below to End the Mandates?

4.4k Canadians have signed to END THE MANDATES

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