Change Has Finally Come To Ontario


The National Citizens Coalition congratulates Premier elect Doug Ford and the PC Party of Ontario for their victory last night

"With a majority government comes many obligations to taxpayers to do what is right to set the Province back on the right path," says Peter Coleman, President and CEO of the National Citizens Coalition.

"In many ways this was an election of who was the least objectionable party to lead the province back to a level of prosperity and help create an economic plan that will create jobs, and prudently deal with the absolute fiscal mess that the Liberals left -- while also being compassionate to those that need a hand up."

We will be watching closely at how the PC party governs as they move forward. Election promises are just that, promises, that rarely get kept once a party gets into power. The disastrous policies and plans of the Wynne Liberals and their green energy act must not continue. There should be a moratorium on any further solar or wind turbine projects until the hydro file is fixed. Fiscal responsibility and a reduction in the red tape facing small businesses is also an absolute must!

"With a change in government there is always hope for a better future, and let's hope that Ontario can move forward in a more prosperous manner, while not mortgaging the future for our children and grandchildren." 

So congratulations, Premier elect Ford. We'll be watching! And surely, Ottawa was as well. 

Change has finally come to Ontario. Who's next?