Censoring Conservative Voices


With exactly three weeks until e-day, we have some serious proof that the Trudeau Liberals and their apologists are very, very worried.

This morning, the National Citizens Coalition's ad account -- the same account that reached over a million voters over the last 28 days on your behalf -- was disabled by Facebook for "violating" advertising policies.

As an organization that has been running election ads for 52 years, there's no surer sign that political advertisements are working than to be subject to suspicious, dirty tricks this close to the vote.

Desperate partisans may be trying to silence your voice, but we won't let them. Our national radio ad is running for the next 3 weeks from coast-to-coast, and we're appealing the ruling to our utmost abilities.

When we win this fight, we'll now be punching back with double the budget in the key swing provinces.

They're trying to silence conservative voices. With your help, we'll make them regret they ever tried.