Building On 'Canada Strong & Free'


A message from NCC President Peter Coleman:

I wanted to take the time to write to NCC supporters personally after returning home from Canada Strong and Free in Ottawa.

Already the largest conservative networking conference in the country, this year broke last year's record, and it was amazing to see such a strong attendance from many friends and colleagues we've had the pleasure of learning from and collaborating with over the years. As our Director Alexander Brown told me while meeting with our digital partners, "This is the most lively Ottawa's felt since the Freedom Convoy!"

Of particular interest to me was the massive turnout from younger generations, which we all read about in the polls, but it was deeply reassuring to see with my own eyes that we're in good hands going forward with some fantastic young MPs, strategists, and conservative minds that will firmly be voting to reclaim the Canadian Dream they've been robbed of by woke progressives, and the failing Liberal status quo.

And while hope for a long-awaited change was in abundance, everyone remained firmly focused on the task at hand: doing the work to defeat Justin Trudeau, while refusing to get overconfident. That attitude resonated with me greatly, as it reflects the ethos behind our leading Fire Trudeau Fund, and our attitude that every day up until election day is important when the stakes are this high.

Canada should be the envy of the world. We should be taking our energy to the global market, instead of watching as dictatorships and ruthless regimes profit (with far-worse emission standards) while men like Trudeau and Guilbeault work to keep our energy in the ground on behalf of despots and creeps in Davos.

We have firmly, undeniably lost our way. And many of the folks I just spent the week with are far better suited to get us heading back in the right direction, and I'm proud we're playing such a major role in winning hearts and minds.

Common sense solutions to fiscal responsibility, free speech, law and order, government drug dealers, energy, housing, and our disastrous immigration system are coming -- and they can't come soon enough!

If we actually want to help the climate we should be shipping our natural gas around the world to allies in India, Japan, and large parts of Europe, who would rather use our natural gas than buy from Russia or governments on international terror lists.

If we could take our cleaner and greener products to market, that's how you actually reduce emissions. Our hydrocarbon technologies and the world's greatest energy producers are the overwhelming solution to conflict-energy and Chinese coal.

Every industry expert I spoke to, every politician, every staffer, and every economist told me the same thing: the carbon tax isn't working, but the punishment is the point for these far-left radicals.

So we'll remain deadset on punishing them greatly at the polls. That means Firing Trudeau.

And that means doubling our efforts, and continuing to create and place industry-leading ads that make a difference, and growing and activating the grassroots conservative vote like never before. 

We will continue to fight hard each day, and if you share our alarm, your support is most welcome. It was great to hear from so many supporters who told us they appreciate the work we're doing and to keep it up. I told them we were just getting started.

GLDsxzkWgAEGSQy.jpegPeter Coleman with special keynote speaker, the Hon. Tony Abbott

With an eye-watering and offensive Liberal budget on tap tomorrow, we'll be doing all that we can to fight these flailing Liberals with all that we've got.

I'm counting on supporters to chip in generously to the Fire Trudeau Fund, so that we can win thousands of votes away from Justin Trudeau on your behalf. If you're able, can we count on your continued support?

Thanks for all that you do. Let's keep this freedom movement rolling!


Peter Coleman
President & CEO
National Citizens Coalition, est. 1967