BROWN: A Great Canadian Tax Revolt

Published online in the Toronto Sun on April 2nd, 2024

BROWN: A Great Canadian Tax Revolt, By Any Other Name

Special to the Toronto Sun


You almost have to give Justin Trudeau credit for accomplishing the impossible: that’s now twice in his calamitous and divisive tenure that he’s inspired often servile Canadians to come together, en masse, in protest of far-left policies of self-sabotage that only exist for the benefit of a vanishing few.

The truck horns may not be blaring this time, but those same resentments are growing. Canadians are feeling the squeeze from the boot of big government on their neck, and an overwhelming majority have reached a breaking point.

And what choice, really, do Canadians have but polite revolution, when our Cost-of-Liberal crisis has gotten this far out of hand?

As of April 1st, every time you open your fridge, every time you fill up your car, and every time you pay for the roof over your family’s head, the Liberal-NDP coalition no one asked for will now be coming for even more of your hard-earned wages, at a time when millions of Canadians have already been forced onto the precipice of economic ruin.

The numbers don’t lie. Canada’s standard of living has completely collapsed in comparison to our American neighbours to the south, where one has the luxury of reinvention and affordability 50 times over. In contrast, Canadians are forced to swap hamster wheels, and even make cannonball runs to the border when our failing public healthcare system offers government suicide over timely and attentive care.

All of this has been exacerbated by the mind-boggling, deleterious decision to moon-shot permanent and non-permanent residents, far beyond the system’s breaking point, with the laundering of young Indian males through shameful, illegitimate “diploma mills” causing the majority of the damage.

Canada’s immigration system is so broken, that even the major banks have been putting out weekly memos of warning, that continue to fall on deaf ears inside a PMO that prioritizes luxury beliefs and the swaddling of the professional aggrieved, over the needs of normal, hard-working people.

It’s no wonder Conservatives now have a massive lead among Canadians struggling financially, and struggling with their place in a country that has rewarded their loyalty, patriotism, and blood, sweat, and tears with a shrinking economy, government-supplied drug addicts, judicial vacancies and police who don’t enforce the law, annual tax hikes, and one of the lowest standards of living in the Developed World.

It’s no wonder, then, too, that for the first time in a long time, Conservatives now lead with young Canadians who view their future as hopeless without a major course correction, and soon.

What a disgrace for a prime minister and his NDP partners, who have morphed into the party of the teachers’ lounge, to have taken away hope from an entire generation.

It’s why this Great Canadian Tax Revolt, still in its infancy, but growing each day, is of the utmost importance.

The Liberals, the NDP, and even the Bloc were stupid enough to put themselves on record denying Canadians tax relief, and the carbon tax election they were so desperately ready for, at the precise moment that millions are feeling the pinch like never before; millions who will now remember that decision at the ballot box.

Staving off an election, and a vote of non-confidence amidst the cruellest carbon tax hike yet, was no “win” for the Liberals, but perhaps it was the literal definition of a pyrrhic victory: which is defined as a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it’s tantamount to defeat; the wounds accrued turn out to be fatal.

These wounds may take months, perhaps more than likely they’ll fester into the fall of 2025, when the Liberals and the NDP have chosen to prioritize the delaying of the scheduled election by one week to provide golden parachutes and pensions to the MPs bound for the shellacking of a lifetime, yet fatal they will be.

Until then, it’s best to make this momentum count. Make it hurt in the polls for the politicians who have hurt you and yours. Hold them in as little regard as they hold you.

A Great Canadian Tax Revolt is here. See you on the frontlines.

Alexander Brown is the Director of Communications for the National Citizens Coalition.