BREAKING: Cost-Of-Liberal Non-Confidence Motion


Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has just announced a non-confidence motion in the Trudeau government, to force a "carbon tax election" if Trudeau won't abandon April tax hikes.

Here at the National Citizens Coalition, we're in full support, and are calling on all principled, actual Liberals to abandon the Trudeau personality cult, and these disastrous, out-of-touch April tax hikes that serve no benefit to the environment.

This is a major moment in the push to Fire Trudeau once and for all. If the vote succeeds, the Official Opposition and conservative Canadians head to the polls for a "carbon tax election" that could return as much as a SUPERMAJORITY.

And if this corrupt, compromised, and now terror-supporting far-left Liberal-NDP coalition votes to block? MILLIONS of hard-working, over-taxed, common-sense Canadians will remember that on election day.

The Liberal ship is sinking, and they gave up on real Canadian priorities long ago.

Let's make this moment count. Help the NCC, Canada's pioneering conservative advocacy group, push our industry-leading campaign to Fire Trudeau to thousands of new voters RIGHT NOW.

This is the PERFECT TIME to reach voters on the COST OF LIBERAL CRISIS. Please, chip in $25, $100, or whatever you can afford.

The team at the National Citizens Coalition