Bombshell Poll a Buzz-Kill for Team Trudeau


"Oh, NOW he comes to work."


On today of all days, and with just one year until the next federal election, Forum Research has announced the Conservatives would win a majority government if an election were held today: Tories 41%, Liberals 32%, NDP 15%.

“The Conservatives have a strong lead over the Liberals right now,” said Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, President of Forum Research. “The expected bump from the successful renegotiation of the free trade agreement seems not to have materialized for Trudeau’s Liberals. One question that’s worth asking about one year away from an election: right now, are prospective voters supporting the Conservatives or turning away from the Liberals?"

Whether taxpayers are supporting the Conservatives, and the still somewhat-unknown commodity that is Andrew Scheer, or turning away from the Trudeau Liberals remains to be seen. But it's a sobering reminder that even on Justin's biggest of days (and one of the rarest... an election promise kept!), that his popularity has been going up in smoke with the average Canadian voter for some time. Even yesterday, Angus Reid revealed that more Canadians are open to voting for the Conservatives and Andrew Scheer than any of the alternatives. 

Outside of the drum circle, the news just keeps getting worse for team Trudeau. 

Those darn taxpayers, always ruining the vibe!


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