An Election-Defining Bombshell


Just when you think Trudeau's Liberals have reached a new low -- they say "just watch me."

Hours before the election, The Globe learned that the Trudeau government has BLOCKED the RCMP probe on SNC.

The federal government has outright refused to lift cabinet confidentiality on witnesses.

It's an election-defining moment, right at the word go.

"The RCMP has been looking into potential obstruction of justice in the handling of the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., but its examination has been stymied by the federal government’s refusal to lift cabinet confidentiality for all witnesses, The Globe and Mail has learned.

Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion faced the same obstacle as the RCMP in his investigation into the SNC-Lavalin affair earlier this year, stating in his final report that nine witnesses were unable to provide full testimony because government allowed only a limited waiver on cabinet secrecy.

The Department of Justice confirmed Tuesday that the RCMP received “the same access to cabinet confidences and privileged information” as the Ethics Commissioner and the justice committee of the House."

Let's make sure the most corrupt government in Canadian history feels the full weight of this disastrous start to the election

Our latest ad debuted yesterday afternoonthe first in the NCC's series of ads highlighting the "Five Times Trudeau Lied to Your Face," with a focus on his disgraceful neglect of our Veterans. 

We want to make sure everybody gets the message on the latest SNC cover-up. 

If you're able, pitch in what you can.