A Wake-Up Call For Canada

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Sep 26, 2023, Toronto, ON) --

I’ve seen many governments come and go, leaders rise and fall.

But what I witnessed last week was something I’ve never in my life thought I would see at the heart of our democracy.

Last week’s welcoming and public lauding of a veteran Waffen-SS member on the invitation of former House Speaker Rota was so much more than just a national embarrassment. 

It has become a microcosm of what our government, our politics, and our leadership in this country have become: a laughing stock, where politicians blindly pursue photo-ops and political jockeying without applying any real thought whatsoever to their actions.

Our politics is so obsessed with virtue-signalling, and prop-wielding, that our leadership couldn’t even identify a known Nazi veteran. 

They couldn’t even think critically enough to realize that Russia was once our ally against the horrid National Socialism that swept across Europe in 1930s and 40s. 

What our federal government is telling the nation and the world with this bone-headed and disgraceful mistake is that our storied war history, the sacrifices of countless Canadians, and the immeasurable suffering of the Jewish people over the last century and beyond are of limited consideration and importance… so long as our leaders receive the plaudits.

That’s right, Trudeau’s welcoming of a Nazi veteran into the House of Commons may as well have been deliberate seeing as how painfully obvious it should have been to the Members of the House that if you were fighting against the Soviets in the Second World War, you were fighting for the Axis against the Allied forces.

I find this debacle to be far more than just short-sighted negligence – this should be seen as willful blindness on the part of our government to disregard any critical thought whatsoever in favour of hastily using questionable characters as props for their own image.

What happened to this country? What happened to the Canada that you and I cherish, where diligence, remembrance, and thoughtfulness guided our society? What happened to the Canada where our leaders thought before they spoke, and considered the health of the nation before they acted?

What happened to the Canada where our leaders once did their best to represent the people who make this country great, instead of constantly virtue-signalling to them about 'teachable moments' for everyone but themselves?

I remember such a time.

And I firmly believe that last week’s Nazi welcoming in the House of Commons has sparked a massive wake-up call in this country.

Canadians have now been shown the dangers of the politics of mindlessly pandering and showboating. 

I have no doubt that Canadians everywhere, no matter their political stripe, are looking at this egregious mark on our parliament’s history as a wake-up call for our country. These are the results to be expected when a nation is forced to embrace lower expectations, student-union government, and theatre of the absurd.

It has always been the core mission of the National Citizens Coalition to show Canadians that there is a better path to achieving greatness as a country – that common sense, hard work, and the freedom and innovation of individual Canadians will always surpass and outperform the unwieldy designs of big government. 

The NCC has always held that a free Canada must rely on citizens, not government, to lead the way forward. 

Last week’s embarrassment in the House of Commons only reinforces our organization’s convictions. It’s time that Canadians reclaim their democracy – because now we all know that our country has truly fallen into the wrong hands.

Only you, my fellow citizen, can take it back for yourself.


Peter Coleman
National Citizens Coalition