A Month of Progress


In the weeks since the start of our "Get Canada Safely Back to Work" campaign, we've been proud to see it have an impact on political discussions nationwide, and that it has helped push a line of critical thinking clearly lacking from a compliant, and often-hysteric mainstream.

We've taken some lumps along the way, but that's OK. When you have provinces with ICU numbers you can count on one hand, a federal government who exploited a national tragedy and a lockdown to undemocratically seize legal guns, big-box retailers being allowed to get ahead while small businesses continue to go under without support, and big-city mayors putting up Berlin Walls outside of perfectly-safe public parks brimming with beautiful cherry blossoms, that just isn't good enough.

When you have a Prime Minister -- fresh off punishing legal gun owners in the most incompetent way possible -- that is sending panicky mixed-messages from his cottage that we should shelter-in-place, instead of listening to the advice of Dr. Bonnie Henry and every scientific study imaginable that shows it's perfectly safe to "go outside", that just isn't good enough.

And when a province of 15 million people continues to lag behind the rest of the world, while dozens die in wait for "elective" life-saving procedures, that definitely isn't good enough. 

That's why we are still calling on the provincial governments to end "non-essential service" restrictions this May, in order to help facilitate a cautious "yellow-light re-opening" of shuttered businesses by June 1st. And we're pleased to see that many are already doing just that.

We need to continue to isolate our most vulnerable, keep up our indoor PPE safety measures and social distancing, and allow those who want to get back to work to do so in these crucial next few weeks. Millions of livelihoods won't make it past June if we don't, and we can no longer pretend that 100 people in a Walmart is any more safe than 2-3 Canadians safely spaced out in a small business. We have to think both safely and practically. There's no reason we can't do both.

Here's to the continued push for better business, better governance, and better safety for all.

Here's to progress.


Founded in 1967, the NCC is a pioneering non-profit advocate for the Canadian taxpayer. If you're presently financially able, donations to 'Get Canada Safely Back to Work' can be made by clicking here.