2018 Budget an Insult to Taxpayers


To say Canada's first "full-blown social justice budget" has problems would be putting it mildly.

Filled with identity-politics touchstones and over 300+ mentions of gender, but very little on growth and revenue, it also reveals those Trudeau election promises of early minor deficits and an eventual balanced budget to be outright farcical. With the debt set to rise to $19.4-billion by year's end, those promises that "the budget will balance itself" have taken a back seat to $200m for illegal asylum seekers, or $1.8m for "Men and Boys to Promote Gender Equality." 

Unless this government drastically changes ideological course, that puts Canada on track to stay deeply in debt until the 2040s. But none of that seems to matter to a tax-and-spend government so hell bent on pandering to their preferred social causes, that they didn't bother stop and ask what regular, hard-working taxpayers want to see. And lest we forget, this is the same Trudeau Government that had the gall to tell our veterans they were "asking for more than we can give right now." 

We've come a long way from annual budgets being about sensible spending and working to balance the books, but such is the case when a government's head is in the clouds, and its priorities are out of whack. 

The 2018 budget has made it official: the circus is in town. How long it stays is up to all of us.