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Renew your support for the NCC and help us stand up for smaller government. It is time to reduce public spending and we need your help!

Fight back against the carbon taxes that are hurting taxpayers and businesses alike. Say NO to higher taxes!

Read through our Agenda for Canada and support our fight for more freedom through less government! Help keep Canada on the right path!

Say NO to Justin Trudeau's reckless plans to reform Canada's Electoral System. Make a donation today!







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  • Renew your support - NCC's 50th anniversary

    Happy Anniversary to you!

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the National Citizens Coalition.  As one of our supporters you have been a very significant part of our success.   Since 1967, the NCC has been a beacon for economic freedom and Canadian entrepreneurship. We owe our legacy of success to you and our dedicated supporters and the commitment to more freedom through less government.

    It all started on a spring day in 1967 when our founder Colin M. Brown placed a concerned ad in the Globe and Mail standing up for small-c conservatism. I can only imagine… Read More +

  • Media update: Peter Coleman discusses NCC's 50 year legacy

    With the National Citizens Coalition's 50-year anniversary approaching in 2017, Peter Coleman was interviewed by the Andrew Lawton Show 980AM about the NCC's half-century legacy of standing up for taxpayers.
  • NCC Update: Electoral reform - the Liberal way

    Justin Trudeau has had a bad few weeks.

    Fresh off drawing the ire of the entire rational-thinking world for his ignorant and self-serving comments about a murderous, deceased dictator - and on behalf of all Canadians, to boot - now he's watching his precious electoral reform die a slow, embarrassing death on the House of Commons floor.

    The plan was simple: the Trudeau government, led here by Minister Maryam Monsef were going to push through an electoral reform without the consent of the Canadian people - in fact, fewer than 10% of Canadians felt it was even remotely necessary. The results would… Read More +

  • Being Justin Trudeau

    An Interesting Way to Spend His Time

    There has been no shortage of shouted opinions in the wake of Donald Trump flipping the political establishment on its head. Many of those opinions focus on the familiar angle of identity politics, while cooler heads have suggested more pragmatic options. It is clear that a large portion of the country was being ignored, and those shunned voters chose to vote for their manufacturing jobs, lower taxes, or even just to avoid supporting Hillary Clinton (the exact definition of an establishment candidate). 

    Irregardless, President-Elect Trump (boy that's… Read More +

  • Thoughts on the Trump Train

    By Colin Brown

    The “basket of deplorables” has spoken.

    The liberal intelligentsia is reacting in horror to the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. No doubt Hillary Clinton regrets the use of the "basket" phrase to insult her opponent's supporters. Today her presidential aspirations lie in the rubble of an unprecedented political earthquake. However, the Trump victory should not come as a surprise to long-time supporters of the National Citizens Coalition.

    One of the first political ads my father, Colin M. Brown, ran for our fledgling organization in 1970 stated "What this country needs… Read More +

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  • PM Trudeau's mystifying listening tour

    I'm not sure if you had a chance to watch PM Trudeau during his so-called talking tour through Ontario last week. At a stop in Peterborough he was asked a question about his favourite topic: climate change. Then, he made an incredible unscripted comment that stunned many. He said that "Canada needs to phase out oil sands to end our dependency on fossil fuels."

    For those who thought this was a mistake by Trudeau it most certainly was not. He lives in a separate world where he could not even find… Read More +

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