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Is Canada really for Canadians anymore?

Activists have overtaken our national agenda, attempting to shut down our economy and way of life.

We have entitled political leadership with multiple ethics violations, who are once again under investigation, this time for enriching family and friends with your money.

Too many are overwhelmed with fear and anxiety due to COVID-19. Our businesses are failing. Mental health issues and suicide rates are way up, and we still have no clear measure of success or timelines for reopening safely.

Canadians deserve better.

It’s time to Take Canada Back.

To hold ourselves to an international standard, and not just compare ourselves to our neighbour down south, but to be known as the gold standard for freedom, prosperity and ethical government. A place where freedom of thought and speech are actually respected.

And where regular, hardworking Canadians have the say, NOT the loudest radical group.

Where we’re proud of our nation’s industries from coast-to-coast.

Where we know the stronger our economy is, the better we can support our people.

We should be leading the world economically and socially.

But we need to TAKE CANADA BACK.

Will you join us as we embark on a campaign of hope and common sense?


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