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In a desperate attempt to save Liberal seats in Atlantic Canada, Justin Trudeau has been forced to admit that working Canadians cannot afford life under his fledgling Liberal/NDP regime, and that his carbon tax was always political.

But forget crumbs of relief for home heating oil out East, ALL CANADIANS must be spared the Trudeau carbon tax, so they can best survive our harsh winter to come, as well as Canada's equally harsh climate of government-created inflation and unaffordability.

It's time to convince millions of Canadians that carbon taxes from coast to coast must end. It's time to innovate, not continue to tax, ban, and subsidize, which has only brought about an end to Canadian prosperity.

Pierre Poilievre's right, we need to "Axe the Tax."

... And then this out-of-touch coalition government.

You shouldn’t have to vote Liberal to have your say in Ottawa. Sign and support STOP THE CARBON TAX today, and chip in with a $20 donation to help us boost this message, and grow the consensus -- and resistance -- against one of Trudeau's most harmful policies before the next federal election.

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