A Divided Nation Needs Real Conservatives

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We've heard your concerns. Now, we want to make sure that they hear them as well. 

In the past two years, we've seen a rapid expansion of government power and spending, with gargantuan increases in deficits, and a massive curtailing of Canadians' freedoms. And what do we have to show for it?

Our nation is now more divided than ever, and out-of-control inflation is taking hold, making life unaffordable for families.

We're struggling with high grocery bills, heating our homes, filling the gas tank...

Now is the time to fight for conservative values. 

Like more freedom and less government.

Not Trudeau-lite conservatism.

But ensuring conservatives actually be conservatives.

Taking principled stands, and being true to what we believe. Because that's how conservatives help a nation. And win elections.

Let's keep the politicians accountable on all sides.

Let's build a prosperous Canada.

Strong. United. Free.

Will you help us? We're reaching out to millions of Canadians, and difference-making politicians on your behalf.

Pledge your name below, and donate to help us grow this campaign as the House resumes.

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