New Polls Confirm Wynne/Nixon Connect

For Immediate Release: New Polls Confirm Wynne/Nixon Connection

Somewhere, Tricky Dick is smiling!

New poll results confirm the unflattering comparison of Kathleen Wynne to former US President Richard Nixon, posted on a billboard next to the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

“Nixon resigned in disgrace in 1974 during the Watergate scandal,” says Peter Coleman of the National Citizens Coalition, whose supporters mounted the message at the corner of Blue Jays Way and Wellington Street. “Kathleen Wynne has been a disaster for Ontario. She is stuck at a 15% approval rating.”

“When Nixon left office, his popularity had dropped to 24%, added Coleman. To be 10 points below Nixon is the ultimate embarrassment for a public figure”

“Somewhere, Tricky Dick is smiling.”

Introduced earlier this spring, the Wynne Liberals’ 2017 budget has been widely criticized for failing to provide an economic blueprint for Ontario. Provincial debt is expected to reach a record $312-billion this year, requiring annual debt service costs of $12-billion.

“This government has stumbled from scandal to scandal for the past decade, and in that time has utterly failed to provide oversight of the most essential portfolios and agencies,” continues Coleman. “Instead, this government is squandering billions of dollars in interest payments that are crowding out the essential services that Ontarians actually rely on.”

The Wynne Liberals have been unable to increase their approval ratings despite expensive new programs designed to attract support. Most recently, it has been revealed that Kathleen Wynne’s promised rebate to hydro prices will actually cost taxpayers $45-billion over the life of the plan.

“This is the type of shortsighted leadership that is threatening to drive Ontario’s economy into the ground. Premier Wynne is piling on the debt just to make it look like the Liberals have a plan. That is not a plan, it is a recipe for structural deficit and taxpayers are tired of these wasteful games. Premier Wynne, why delay? Say goodbye today.”

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