New Interim Leader, Same Reality: Wynne Can't Hide From Her Record

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (January 26, 2018 - Toronto)

New Interim Leader, Same Reality: Wynne Can’t Hide From Her Record

“Premier Kathleen Wynne cannot hide from her disastrous record as Premier,” says Peter Coleman, President of the National Citizens Coalition. “We wish the Interim PC Leader Vic Fedeli well in the months ahead.”

While Fedeli carries the party through the leadership race (and it remains to be seen if a more official election of PC leadership is forthcoming) the Liberals and big union bosses will be desperate to hold onto power.

“Fedeli's job is to keep the Liberal record of mismanagement and corruption front and centre with the Ontario people, and the PC Party should be on guard for attempts by Liberals and unions to disrupt their leadership race, “ added Coleman. “The people of Ontario now know the Liberals will stop at nothing to stay in power.”

The National Citizens Coalition is a non-profit organization that has been providing leadership in small-c conservatism since 1967.