FERNANDO: Guilbeault's Quest To 'Burn Down' Canadian Unity

Socialist Guilbeault’s Radicalism Is Tearing Canada Apart And Wrecking Our Economy

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


What’s more dangerous than a popular Liberal Party that’s confident they have a clear mandate to impose their agenda?

A deeply unpopular Liberal Party that is desperate to keep reshaping the country before they are unceremoniously booted out of office.

Clearly, we are dealing with the latter.

Now, a reasonable government led by reasonable people would perhaps stop for a moment and think about why they were so unpopular. They would perhaps realize that – after eight years in power – the failure of all of their policies couldn’t be blamed on others. And, they would realize that empowering some more moderate voices would be a path to – if not staying in power – at least cooling down the rage and division in the nation and going out with some dignity.

Of course, we’ve long since stopped expecting anything reasonable from Justin Trudeau’s government. 

And so, as things get worse and worse for the Liberals, the Prime Minister is empowering the most radical members of the federal cabinet.

Chief among them is Steven Guilbeault.

A few days ago, Guilbeault openly admitted that he is a “proud socialist.” Now, for those of us who have long been warning of his dangerous eco-communist agenda, this wasn’t a surprise. But for those who thought the Liberals were still a ‘moderate’ and ‘centrist’ party, it should be a big wake-up call.

Guilbeault is now openly admitting his allegiance to socialism is part of a broader increase in the extreme rhetoric and partisanship coming from Trudeau’s top lieutenants as his personality cult collapses.

Just look at what Guilbeault feels comfortable Tweeting:

“We can no longer ignore the climate crisis. Fires, floods and droughts are costing every Canadian. And the Conservative Party has no plan — they just want to burn everything down. We’ll continue working for a more sustainable future!”

Make no mistake, given how tightly controlled communications are in the Liberal government, this is not some sort of off-hand post by Guilbeault. He – and the PMO – know exactly what the intention is here.

It’s the same intention behind the decision to implement a carbon tax exemption that disproportionately benefits some Liberal ridings in Atlantic Canada, and then vote against expanding that exemption to the rest of the country.

They know it’s unfair.

They know it discredits their entire ‘climate plan.’

They know it will generate anger.

They just don’t care.

They think it will help them win a few more seats, so they’re doing it, regardless of the consequences.

The Liberals are going all in on regional division and ideological extremism.

They are completely writing off the areas of the country they think they can’t win, and are governing exclusively for their rapidly dwindling core support base.

Now, some may see this as just normal politics, but it’s not.

Even at the nadir of his popularity, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to pit one region of the country against another. He didn’t try to screw over Quebec or Atlantic Canada because the Conservatives were polling poorly there. Even while engaging in the usual kind of partisanship we’ve seen throughout Canada’s history, Harper also showed an awareness of his broader responsibility.

Justin Trudeau and Steven Guilbeault lack that understanding. 

They’ve already been screwing over provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan for years, glad to take money generated by the Western Canadian oil and gas sector while seeking to weaken that sector. Now, they are in effect telling the West and even voters in Ontario to go to hell and are punishing millions of Canadians for the ‘sin’ of not voting Liberal.

They will gladly rip the country apart if they think it gives them a better chance to win.

Ironically, Guilbeault is right about the fact that there are politicians in this country who want to “burn everything down,” but Guilbeault lacks the self-awareness to realize he’s talking about himself, and what’s being burnt down isn’t the planet, but Canada’s national unity.

In their desperation and rage at Canadians for ‘daring’ to turn against his radical agenda, Guilbeault is trying to further entrench his radical climate policies – policies that have simultaneously left Canada with the worst emissions reduction record in the G7 while wrecking our economy and playing a huge role in our ongoing per-capita GDP recession (soon to be overall recession).

Canadians need to wake up to the fact that the Liberals – despite being massively unpopular and internally divided, are not a ‘lame duck government.’ They still have immense power, and they clearly intend to use it to impose their failed agenda no matter how many Canadians disagree with them.

Radicals like Steven Guilbeault do immense damage when they get into positions of power, and much of that damage occurs as they feel that power slipping away.

So, now is a time for us to remain vigilant and keep up the pressure to make sure we expose and oppose Guilbeault and Trudeau’s socialist extremism every step of the way.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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