Premier Wynne's Legacy of Shame!

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The wait is nearly over!

It's mere months to go until Ontario gets to vote Premier Kathleen Wynne out of office! And to celebrate that final countdown, or curtain call if you will, it's time to bring back our celebrated and successful billboard campaign for Canada's least-favourite Premier!

Our Wynne/Nixon billboard over the Summer was a huge success thanks to overwhelming support, and this one will be no different. We will be unveiling Premier Wynne's "Legacy of Shame" soon to mark the final months until provincial election day, and her final curtain call!


"Legacy of Shame" will be making its debut in premier locations in Ontario, with plenty of surprises to follow! 

We look forward to the unveiling, and we hope you'll show your support for this billboard campaign with a generous donation. And while you're here, make sure you sign the petition below!

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