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It's time we rein in the Trudeau government, together. 

Whether it's bomb-shell allegations of corruption and influence from the PMO, a failure to build pipelines, the false promise that they had any interest in balancing the budget, a forced carbon tax against the will of both taxpayers and provinces, or the claims that our veterans were "asking for more than we can give" while cutting multi-million dollar cheques to convicted terrorists or celebrity causes on Twitter, each of these reckless and intentional acts (and the hundreds we don't have room to mention) have one thing in common. 

They wouldn't have happened under a minority government.

Like you, we have a common, simple wish for Canada. 

Lower taxes. Less government. A government that encourages and supports the development of its resources.

It's a simple solution, for self-inflicted problems. 

It's clear that in 2019, more than anything, Canadians need a government that will get out of its own way

That's why we believe the best course of action is but a simple, attainable strategy. 


Make no mistake, we want Trudeau kicked out of office as much as you do. You can count his government's achievements over three years on just one hand. Besides the legalization of marijuana, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything but red-tape, taxes, and virtue-signalling.

But at the bare minimum, Trudeau must be held to a minority government. 

The chart below shows the current seat distribution in Parliament by province. The Liberals have 181 seats. The other parties, combined, have 157 seats.

So how do we stop Trudeau's free ride? All it's going to take is 13 seats to flip, and your help spreading the message. 


We already know the Trudeau government is capable of losing ground. Provincially, they've been decimated by a mid-term swoon, with new, populist conservative mandates taking hold across the country -- even in classic Liberal-strongholds like Quebec and Eastern Canada.

With your support, and your signature today, you'll be committing to the goal of helping us, and thousands of liked-minded Canadians just like you, in the quest to hold Trudeau accountable in 2019. Whether he's ousted from power, or finally forced to work with others, and respect the wishes of taxpayers, remains to be seen.

But with your help, we'll be taking this campaign across the country, and into key battle-ground ridings where the Liberals are most vulnerable.

In just four years with carte-blanche, this government has already done a lifetime of damage to the deficit, our oil industry, and our reputation on the global stage. 

Together, we can help stop the virtue-signalling, the wasteful spending, and the self-sabotage of an elitist, cosmopolitan Prime Minister's Office that thinks it knows what's best for the average Canadian.

It's time to remind Justin Trudeau and his band of progressive special-interests and climate crusaders that he works for you. It's not the other way around. 

It's time to #StopTheTrudeauMajority, and bring accountability back to Parliament Hill. 

Are you with us?

Sign today, and help us hit our early goal of just 10,000 signatures.


1.8k taxpayers have signed #StopTheTrudeauMajority

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