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How LOW can Wynne go?

Ontario's skyrocketing hydro costs and historic provincial debt has reached a critical mass with angry taxpayers, regardless of what party they support.

And with little hope for hydro reform, tax breaks, and government accountability on the horizon, it's time to make sure our voice is heard.

Total provincial debt:



Your share:



So to ensure that both Premier Wynne and Queen's Park hear from the 86% (and rising) of Ontarians who are disenfranchised with this ruling government, we will be erecting this billboard in a premium location in the heart of Downtown Toronto.


AND on the radio in Ontario you can soon find our Why Delay Say Goodbye Today ad running on AM & FM radio stations during prime hours. Click here to listen to the ad or press play below.



So sign the petition below and don't forget to donate today! Your support is most welcome. 


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