Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Update, September 19th: Letters are on the way! 




The National Citizens Coalition is determined to fight back against Prime Minister Trudeau and his government's unfair attacks on small businesses, doctors, and family farms. The Liberal Government continues to show Contempt for Taxpayers, from a job killing "fairness" tax, to the disastrous carbon tax. It's no wonder Canada is now on track for a record-setting deficit. 

Our Open Letter to the Prime Minister is just another step in protecting the Canadian taxpayer from Trudeau and his "Sunny Ways" of big government. Join us in supporting this campaign, as we will be mailing this letter to the MPs and the PM in Ottawa a week before the House returns on September 18th!



Dear Prime Minister Trudeau: 

At the time of our last letter to both you and your government the 

deficit was at $30-billion per year and set to rise substantially with 

more than $100-billion in new deficits expected over the coming 

five years. The Federal debt was increasing at a record-setting pace, 

and had surpassed $630-billion. This is nearly $17,500 for each 

Canadian, and that amount is only increasing with each passing day. 

We called on you and your government to engage with Canadian taxpayers and address these pressing economic issues, and to cut wasteful government spending and taxes. 

After all, in your own words, you claimed that you and your government wanted to “help the middle class and those working hard to join it.” 

And then, you raised taxes on the middle class and those working hard to join it with one of the 

largest job killing tax grabs in Canadian history – the carbon tax

Taxpayers will be hit with an increase in the cost of transportation, utilities, and nearly every service Canadians use, with no guarantee that a carbon tax will have any positive impact on climate change. 

And to make matters worse, Finance Minister Bill Morneau has proposed to change the tax rules with a “tax fairness” 73% dividend tax rate for Canadian businesses! 

This proposed change to the tax rules will unfairly punish many family run businesses as well as doctors, professionals and the over 40,000 family farms in Canada. 

It is just another job killing proposal, which will not help the middle class or those working hard to join it. It will do the exact opposite...It will kill jobs! 

Finance Minister Morneau has announced a period of “consulting” on this tax bill for 2 short months. So it’s still not too late for you to stop it. 

The National Citizens Coalition represents thousands of Canadians from across our country, many of whom are the small business owners who create the jobs. 

We urge you to stop the job killing carbon tax and the “unfair” business tax increase. 

Let our hardworking, independent, and entrepreneurial Canadian business owners do what they do best – create jobs! 


Peter Coleman

President and CEO 

National Citizens Coalition