Open Letter to the Prime Minister


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To: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

The irresponsible spending by your Liberal government is pushing our great country down an unsustainable path. You are not acting in the best interests of Canadian taxpayers.  Federal debt is increasing at a record-setting pace, and has now surpassed $630-billion. This is nearly $17,500 for each Canadian, and this figure continues to increase every day.

Your government has no plan to balance the budget on schedule.  Instead, you are making things much worse. It is time to discuss Canada’s priorities and set the agenda.

Increased personal and business tax rates will cost thousands of Canadian jobs, leading to declining federal tax revenues and reduced economic output. It is this type of short-sighted thinking that managed to turn a $1.9-billion surplus from the previous government into a $30-billion deficit this year.  Your government is already wasting nearly $30-billion of taxpayers’ money each year just to cover the interest payments on the public debt. These costs are set to rise substantially with more than $100-billion of new deficits expected over the coming five years.

It is time for a new plan.

Public spending

There is no question that your spending plans have put Canada on an unsustainable fiscal path. Yet, the ‘business as usual’ attitude within the Liberal party is at complete odds with this looming crisis. The budget will not balance itself. Economic growth is not a foregone conclusion, and economic opportunities must be both carefully cultivated and jealously protected.

Electoral Reform

Your government has also alarmed taxpayers by announcing that you will seek to unilaterally change Canada’s electoral rules. This is not only unconstitutional, it is also self-serving and disingenuous, as the Liberal party itself would be the primary beneficiary of the proposed electoral reforms. This issue was not raised during last year’s election campaign, and your government has no authority to push ahead with this controversial legislation without direct public consultation.

If you think that Canadians want electoral reform, you must engage in a national referendum and respect the Constitutional amendment process – it was designed for exactly these reasons.

Green Energy and Carbon Taxes

It is time for a frank conversation about green energy policy in Canada. Your government has already announced its intention to implement a federal carbon tax in conjunction with provincial carbon taxes that have already been established. This is the wrong direction to be taking our country, siphoning billions of dollars out of our economy and leading to drastically inflated prices for goods and services.

Union Transparency

Canada’s unionized employees have been asking for union transparency for decades. However, one of your first acts of government was to reverse Bill C-377 before it could even be implemented. This Bill was supported by nearly 90% of union workers across Canada, and it would have finally brought fiscal transparency to the Canadian labour market. You have chosen to protect your profitable relationship with union bosses instead of standing with union workers.



Your government has already committed more than $5-billion of funding to international environmental agreements since last year, which will be spent in developing countries around the world. You must stop spending money we do not have to support energy policy outside of Canada. With a $30-billion deficit projected for 2016-2017 we are essentially borrowing money to subsidize foreign energy policy. We cannot even afford to meet our own needs, yet your Liberal government continues to travel around the globe seeking additional costly environmental agreements.

This is not a debate; these facts are not up for interpretation and Canada has no more time to waste. This is the new economic reality that you have cultivated in Canada, and we are all feeling the consequences. Instead of reinforcing the traditions of entrepreneurship and innovation, your government is establishing a welfare state and increasing the burdens on hard-working taxpayers.

We are calling on you, Prime Minister Trudeau to engage with Canadian taxpayers and address these items directly. The National Citizens Coalition will continue to apply pressure on this government and call for increased accountability because taxpayers can no longer trust you to act on our behalf.


Peter Coleman

President and CEO
National Citizens Coalition