Ontarians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition

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After 15 years of corruption under the Wynne/McGuinty Liberals, it's finally time to SAVE ONTARIO on June 7th!

This Ontario Liberal government has stumbled from one scandal to another, leaving taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars in the process. Cancelled power plants, the Green Energy Act, the Orange air ambulances, eHealth, the new carbon tax - the list goes on.

But now, despite their historic incompetence, and a leader that has already (!) admitted defeat, the threat of a Liberal/NDP coalition looms!

Hard-working, over-taxed Ontarians know that this would spell disaster for the province.

It would be like jumping from out of the frying pan, to into the fire!

You can't solve the problem of socialism... with more socialism. 

The National Citizens Coalition has been helping to lead the charge for change for the better in Ontario, and we hope you'll join us now by SIGNING and SHARING the petition against a Liberal/NDP coalition government! 

Ontario's economic future hangs in the balance, and there's no time to waste.

SIGN and SHARE today, and get out the vote on June 7th! 

It's time to save Ontario families and businesses from the most radical, left-wing government it has ever seen. A coalition government that would be complete with tradition-hating social justice warriors, and not to mention, the most unpopular Premier in Ontario's history!

Join us today. Spread the word. And VOTE ON JUNE 7TH.

Together, we can make sure this cruel joke doesn't become a reality!

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