Justin Trudeau's Contempt for Taxpayers


Once again Justin Trudeau has shown a blatant disregard for Canadian taxpayers with his recent decision to settle with Omar Khadr to the tune of $10.5-million, despite ongoing US and Canadian legal proceedings, and there being no rush to do so. Not only was this a slap in the face to America and our allies, but it has set a startling new precedent for how this current government views enemy combatants. 

Recent Angus Reid polls have shown what a blunder this is for the viral sensation, yet embattled Prime Minister. With 71% of Canadians opposing the back-room decision to pay off Khadr, who admitted to killing an America soldier in 2002, this government may have finally picked the wrong issue to champion. With a record deficit on tap and another $10.5-million in taxpayer money down the drain -- when will it end?

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