Justin Trudeau's Casual Friday


On March 10th Prime Minister Trudeau's government put forth their wish to abolish Friday sittings in the House of Commons, and to severely limit the amount of days in which the Prime Minister is available for questions. Like the tens-of-thousands of Canadians who have already cried foul, we share your alarm. 

That's why we're introducing Justin Trudeau's Casual Friday -- our new campaign. As hardworking taxpayers you don't have the luxury of making every weekend a long weekend; you hold yourself accountable for your work, and you take your responsibilities seriously. We already knew that wasn't the case in Ottawa, with a non-serious PM currently overseeing a very serious time. 

That's why we want you to join us in supporting our Casual Friday initiative. Your donation today will allow us produce, edit, and air radio ads that will be broadcast all across the country -- with the explicit message being that in order to be truly accountable to Canadian voters and taxpayers our Prime Minister actually has to show up to work! 

Join us today in supporting this initiative, and help us remind the government that we don't work for them. They're supposed to work for us!


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