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There are many reasons to dislike the job Justin Trudeau is doing as Prime Minister. Perhaps it's his cash-for-access ethics violation, our soaring national debt, job-killing small business and carbon taxes, his administration's attempt to repatriate ISIS fighters, the $10-million payout to Omar Khadr, his "sock diplomacy" and progressive soap-box speeches that continue to kill trade agreements across the globe, or his desperate attempts to prove he's no different than ordinary, hard-working Canadians, Paradise Papers be damned. 

Whatever your reason -- and that was just naming a few -- it's clear there's a staggering disconnect between the fawning, sycophantic coverage he receives in the press, and the majority of Canadians who are continuously embarrassed by his drama teacher antics on the world stage.  

The Great Canadian Trudeau Petition was created for like-minded Canadians to come together and pledge their names towards voting Trudeau out of office in 2019! 

The National Citizens Coalition has been watching closely as Trudeau, Morneau, and co. have continued to show outright contempt for the Canadian taxpayer, and enough is enough! The damage from just one-term in power has been enough to last a lifetime. We can't afford a second!

Join the thousands of concerned Canadians who have already signed, and pledge to make a difference! 

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