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Six years after former Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty touted the Siemens Canada plant in Tillerson as the future of energy in the province of Ontario, that plant is now closed, costing 340 employees their jobs. The original deal with Samsung, which was single-sourced without competition, was a scam from the get-go. Such is the case with similar green energy scams across the globe, but this deal was especially profitable for the corrupt McGuinty government, and then Wynne's to follow. And, as always, it came at the expense of the taxpayer. 

Those expenses?

  • Ontario energy customers have been saddled with $6-billion in additional costs to offload excess energy to the United States
  • That's over $300-million every three months to New York State and Michigan
  • Ontario's heavily-subsidized, over-priced wind power gives the province the most expensive electricity in North America
  • That means Ontarians will pay an additional $60,000 for hydro over the next 20 years than the average market
  • With over 7700 wind turbines still in development -- which cost us 20% on our electrical bills but only cover 4% of our power -- the green energy scam is only set to grow larger!

Join the National Citizens Coalition in our call to end this big government scam. We the undersigned demand the Ontario Green Energy Act be abolished by the next Premier of Ontario! 


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